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Brands I've worked with:

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I'm a multi-discliplinary designer who specialises in Branding and Graphic design.

Ever since I was little I’ve always had a creative mind, whether that was dancing or simply finding creative tasks. Over the years, drawing had helped me develop a meticulous artistic hand, but I decided that I wanted to broaden my creative skillset so that I wasn't solely focussed on illustration but rather see how I could combine several different skills into a cohesive discipline.

The design industry has seen a rapid advancement in AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated design tools, which has propelled the design industry, but it has equally been the cause of diminishing creativity and low quality work amongst designers. This is because it is removing the traditional artistic skills of a designer and generating inauthentic designs in branding. 


I'm ambitious to keep the traditional skills of a designer and prove that branding is a visually intricate process that requires time, strategy and planning in order to generate a desired consumer response. In a time where the business world is evolving rapidly, I believe now more than ever,  is a visual opportunity for distinct art forms and design practises to entangle skillsets and share potential with one another. Today, I blend all of my skills and experience with graphic design, illustration and branding to provide work across a variety of design disciplines that range from packaging to website design. My work has not only helped start up companies find their voice in the marketplace but has also helped refined the existing visual identity of larger corperate companies. 


Although everyday is different, one element remains: 

Human creativity and artistry will never become obsolete.

Design journey


Harrow Council | Brand & logo designer


Hapea Food | Graphic & packaging designer

MAY 2022-AUG 2022

University of Westminster | Graphic Designer

APRIL 2018-MAY 2018

BW Workplace Experts | Graphic Design Intern

JUNE 2015-JULY 2015

Branding by Garden | Graphic Design Intern

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