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I'm a multi-disciplinary designer based in London who specialises in Branding and Graphic Design. In a time where the business and technological world is growing rapidly, graphic design and visual communication is more than just aesthetic. It is visual opportunity for businesses to forge authentic connections between their brand and their consumers.


With agency and client experiences, I've had the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects that go from 3D Visualising to Packaging Design. Not only has this broadened my creative skillset but has allowed me to understand the fundamental ways in which Graphic Design can be used to enhance a consumer's response to a product or service. 

Our current design era can be seen as ambiguous  due to how much it has evolved over the last few decades. Despite this ever- changing discipline, I believe by entangling skillsets, Design will continue to powerfully shape our world.


Getting into the design industry has been an obstacle, especially coming from a female ethnic background. However through agency and in-house company experience, I have been able to turn these obstacles into a strength. These have helped me generate more freelance opportunities. 


Kareena Ravaliya | Freelance Graphic Designer

MAY 2022-AUG 2022

University of Westminster | Graphic Designer

JUNE 2017-AUG 2020

Isaac Newton Academy | Hoodie Designer & Project Manager

APRIL 2018-MAY 2018

BW Workplace Experts | Graphic Design Intern

JUNE 2015-JULY 2015

Branding by Garden | Graphic Design Intern

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